summer truffles

what is a truffle? In the culinary world, the truffle is treasured and relished like no other by food aficionados. A type of mushroom, the truffle is harvested underground, just several meters below the roots of pine, chestnut, willow, and oak trees. The truffle resembles a potato and depending on its species and geographical location, can appear in gray, yellow, and brown colors. 

While the truffle's intense aroma and flavor totally captivates the palate, its aphrodisiac qualities have added to its allure as a food that delights the senses in more ways than one. Aside from its savory taste, this mushroom is also known for its nutritional benefits. Water and other nutrients, such as fiber, are absorbed by the mushroom from the roots of the trees above. 

 Truffles can be classified in two ways by color and by season. The black and white mushrooms are the main categories of truffles according to color. The winter and summer truffles, meanwhile, are the categories of truffles according to season. Summer truffles are often considered an inferior type of truffle compared to winter truffles because they have more subtle scent and less pungent taste. Lately, however, more truffle lovers and culinary experts are beginning to appreciate the summer truffle for its simple taste and affordable value since it's considerably cheaper compared to the winter variety. 

Also different regions of the world are now growing truffles, you can now get fresh truffles in summer imported from Australia and New Zealand, the down under varieties are becoming better every year, full scale production has now been stepped up so you can expect to see much more of these truffles in the next 5-8 years as the crops harvest, and the growers become more experienced. Investment in truffle farms is a booming business, whether they can product the expected returns remains to be seen after all it is the mysterious truffle they are investing in so anything can happen.