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Cooking Variations of Summer Truffles 

Summer truffles could be utilized in cooking in different ways. Since summer truffles are generally lighter in taste and scent, many prefer to use and eat them as is, either chopped or shaved, and sprinkled on top of a main course. As meal accessories, summer truffles could be made into savory sauces and juices, which in turn, could be added to appetizers and main courses. White summer truffles can also be combined with various cheeses and oils to produce creams and butters ideal for adding more flavors to plain and simple meals. 

As side dishes, summer truffles can be great additions to meals with light flavors like rice-based meals, pasta, and potatoes. However, these kinds of truffles are recommended not to be paired with heavily flavored dishes as they would overwhelm the subtle scent of the mushrooms. 

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