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truffle harvest

Truffle Harvest

Despite the present increase in summer truffle production, the truffle output remains scarce and very limited and can hardly cope with the market demand. This is due to the fact that truffle harvest is a difficult and tedious task that requires a lot of technical skills and patience. 

In harvesting truffles, truffle hunters use dogs and pigs which locate the truffles by trailing the scent of the mushrooms on the ground. Once the mushrooms are located, the truffle farmer inspects the truffle if it is mature enough for harvesting. If it isn't ripe for picking, the truffle would have to be reburied in the ground since it hardly has any culinary value if it gets picked prematurely. In addition, the truffle undergrowth is extremely delicate so the farmer needs to take care not to touch it with his bare hands; otherwise it would damage the truffle. 

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