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Truffle Storage

The truffles, which grow every summer, are sold preserved or fresh. Generally, preserved truffles are easier to store since they are not as easily perishable, compared to fresh truffles. But whether or not the truffles are preserved or fresh, truffles are fragile so careful storage must be done to preserve and maintain their freshness. 

As expected, the preserved mushrooms can be kept longer, in cabinets for about a year or two, although it would be best to check the expiration date on the jar of the preserves. If the preserved truffles have already been opened, the mushrooms should be refrigerated. Once the preserved truffles are stored in the fridge, they should not be kept longer than two weeks; otherwise the mushrooms would be spoiled for good. 

On the other hand,
fresh truffles have shorter shelf lives so storage preparations should be done as soon as the consumer receives the goods. For storing fresh truffles, the consumer must first check whether the mushrooms are in good condition or not. Checking for the truffles' quality is important since it would determine how much longer a person can store the goods. To check the quality of the truffles, a person needs to feel the exterior of the mushrooms. If the exterior or the skins are too soft, it probably means that the truffles are too ripe and should be consumed within the day the mushrooms were purchased. Meanwhile, if the truffles have not matured enough, the mushrooms can be kept for at least three more days. 

In storing fresh truffles, the mushrooms should be lightly washed with water and towel dried afterwards. Afterwards, the truffles must be wrapped in an absorbent material, such as napkins or cotton cloth, and should be stored in the vegetable container of a refrigerator. To assure that the truffles remain fresh, the absorbent wrapper should be changed everyday until the mushrooms are fully consumed.

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