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Types of Summer Truffles

Truffles, which grow every summer, are usually harvested from May to September. Similar to winter truffles, the black and white truffles are the kinds of truffles harvested during summer. Although, as mentioned before, these summer black and white variations are quite different with the winter variation of truffles in scent and taste. 

Also called by its scientific name, Tuber Aestivum, the black summer truffle grows every summer and looks exactly like the black winter variation. This black summer truffle has brown skin and a gray-yellow interior. As the summer season draws to an end, the interior's color changes from a gray-yellow into a darker shade of brown. The black summer truffle also possesses a dusky smell, which gives it a distinct subtle taste of chocolate sweetness not found in other kinds of truffles. Of the two summer truffles, the black summer truffle is more delectable when it's cooked since its lightweight aroma and flavor are brought out when it's fried.

Meanwhile, because of its distinct characteristics, the white summer truffle is considered by many as the best type of truffle harvested every summer season. Even though the white summer truffle still has a lighter scent and taste compared to the winter truffle, the white truffle does have more aromatic flavor than the other variation of summer truffles. The white summer truffle also has a sweet tang and just a touch of garlic flavor; thus, the white summer truffle is considered the best garnishing to cooked meals as it accentuates the pungency of the mushrooms. 

As known by experts, the white summer truffle has two variations, the Tuber Magnatum Pico and the Tuber Borchii. The white Tuber Margnatum Pico thrives in the Central and Northern areas of Italy while the white Tuber Borchii is abundant in Romagna, Marche, and Tuscany.

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